Julia Bellamy

About me

Every collage is a piece of me assembled from my thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences. Personal and raw, fragmented and reassembled, telling stories about dreams and fantasies, struggles and pains and the desire to make sense of it all.

Inspired by Berlin, where I studied at the University of the Arts and influenced by my professional roots as a Photo designer my work is a visual diary of my continuous search for identity. “Who am I?” and “What makes me me?” are central questions of everybody’s life and I would like my work to inspire exploration as "nothing matters more than who we are in the world, where we have been and where we are going. The issue of identity is at the heart of our society and involves everyone." (Jackie Kay, poet, 2006)  

"Julia Bellamy’s collages explore beauty and the female body through selective exposure and deconstruction. Themes like obsession, desire, creation and sexuality make her work charged and affective, as we are confronted with assembled depictions of fantasy and flesh.

Julia trained as a photographer, which made her develop a very accurate sense of composition. Her works always remain clean and elegant, even when they depict images which are hard to confront. They appear like visions rather than assemblages, in perfectly controlled compositions which never seem overloaded. Julia works with collage as a medium of precision, generating personal exploration and insight into subconscious fantasies.

The colour palette of Julia Bellamy’s collages specifically reflects her conceptual territory, with black, white, gold, red and nude as the carriers of passion, pain and human vs animal creations. The results are often striking, verging on the explicit but deeply anchored in psychoanalytic explorations of the self. Just like the scalpel she uses for her cut-outs, these artworks are sharp and precise, and they propose a personal and well defined visual universe. A Julia Bellamy collage is unmistakably hers." (Sabina Andron, 2015)

Julia Bellamy@Nakid Magazine Issue V "jam packed with some of the most amazing artists out there right now" https://nakidmagazine.com/2016/10/14/nakid-magazine-issue-v-volume-i-ii-limited-edition-sita-abellan-quarterly-issues/